Best At Home Laser Hair Removal Devices 2020

Best At Home Laser Hair Removal

More and more people are entering the world of permanent hair removal. Treatments at a clinic or doctor’s office can cost up to $1,000 per visit. With most people trying hard to make ends meet, they are turning towards the much lower cost of at home laser hair removal machines. With so many of these machines on the market, it is hard to pick one for the right cost and effectiveness. This is a list of the best at home hair removal machines; to shine a light on the cost and effectiveness of permanently removing your unwanted hair at home.

Best At Home Laser Hair Removal Machines


Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X

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This amazing product is the first laser available for home use that has been cleared by the FDA. It uses the same kind of technology that is used by dermatologists to destroy hair follicles permanently. Meant to be used once every 2 weeks for up to 3 months, this at-home hair removal laser was created to deliver the same permanent, professional results without the hefty expense.

The Tria laser can be used on virtually any part of the body. The laser used isn’t as strong as the one used by professionals, but it is the same diode laser technology used. Because the laser isn’t as strong, the Tria is a less painful experience. This device also comes with a skin tone sensor that locks the machine if your skin is too dark.

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Key features include:

  • FDA approved
  • Has 3 times more energy than any other home laser machine
  • 5 Different intensity levels
  • Works on light and medium skin tones
  • Suitable for body and face
  • Skin tone sensor
  • Cordless Design
  • Digital display
  • Works for up to 90,000 flashes
  • Available in a variety of different colors

Braun Silk-Expert IPL

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This hair remover is extremely fast. You can treat your whole body in about 20 minutes without giving up on effectiveness. It has an amazing sensor that ensures you receive the right intensity of light for your particular skin type. Inspired by professional salons, the Silk-Expert allows 94 percent of women to experience noticeable results after 3 months and 89 percent experience permanent results after the last treatment at 12 months.

While other companies charge money for extras like batteries, gels, and add-ons, Braun’s Silk-Expert doesn’t come with any hidden costs. It also boasts the only IPL technology (Intense Pulsed Light) that adapts to your skin tone. It continuously reads your skin tone while it’s on; about 80 times per second. The Silk-Expert even has a gentle mode for more sensitive areas or for those with a lower pain tolerance.

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Key features include:

  • FDA approved
  • Comes with 300 000 flashes
  • 3 treatment modes, normal, gentle and extra gentle
  • Suitable for body and face
  • Mains powered
  • One of the fastest IPL devices on the market
  • Senso Adapt technology automatically adjusts to different skin tones

Remington iLIGHT Ultra Face and Body Hair Removal System

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This at home IPL system is cleared by the FDA and provides up to 94 percent hair reduction after just 3 treatments. This is also an updated model that can remove hair on the body and face. It uses pulses of light to permanently disable hair follicles and ends their cycle of growth.

It lasts for up to 65,000 flashes which is a little less than others on the market.

The price leans towards a little more expensive and it lacks the features of some of the other IPL machines. It isn’t cordless and the total amount of flashes pales in comparison to some of the others, but customer reviews are amazing on this product. Most people experience great, permanent results, with very minimal pain.

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Key features include:

  • FDA cleared
  • Mains powered
  • Can be used on body and face
  • 5 intensity settings
  • Skin tone sensor
  • Comes with 65 000 flashes
  • Replacement cartridges available

Me Smooth Permanent Hair Reduction Device

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This at-home hair removal machine gives results in just 7 weeks, with 94 percent of people experiencing permanent hair reduction within this time. It is cleared by the FDA and is effective on all skin types and tones. It has quite possibly the widest range of hair colors that it serves effectively out of any product on the market.

It uses a combination of Intense Pulse Light (IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF) to be one of the most effective and painless at-home hair removal treatments. It is extremely affordable and its technology allows you to work faster while still maintaining safety. You can provide treatment to almost any part of your body in just minutes. It also comes with optional attachments that allow you to shave or epilate while conducting the treatment.

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Key features include:

  • FDA cleared
  • Works with the widest range of skin types of any at-home laser machine
  • Uses a patented combination of technology to provide effective treatment, painlessly
  • Mains powered
  • Comes with 6,000 flashes
  • Replacement cartridges are available

Philips Lumea Comfort IPL

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The cost for this at-home hair removal machine is middle-of-the-road. It is one of the most popular products on the market, with more than 1 million of them sold all over the world. The Philips Lumea uses a special SmartSkin technology with a UV filter, cool-to-touch pulses, and skin tone sensor.

This machine lasts longer than most of the others on the market, at 200,000 flashes (equaling more than 10 years of full body treatments).  After just 4 treatments, most experience around 75 percent hair reduction.

The skin tone sensor automatically detects your skin color and will automatically lock if your skin is too dark. It uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) that provides optimum results and an integrated UV filter that helps protect your skin.

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Key features include:

  • Suitable for body and face
  • Comes with slide and flash mode for continuous applications
  • 5 intensity settings for different skin types
  • Skin tone sensor
  • UV filter
  • Comes with 200 000 flashes
  • Mains powered
  • Small and easy to use

Potentially, you could save thousands of dollars by trying an at-home laser hair removal machine. The trick is to find a product that fits your budget, your needs, and your skin type and tone. It’s important to do research on products that will affect your body. This list can act as a guide to help you choose the most effective at-home laser hair removal machine that suits your skin type and tone, without breaking the bank. The most important factors to be considered are price, proven effectiveness, safety, ability to work with skin tones, and lifespan. This list is full of the best technology-based products available on the market.

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  1. But my question is that can we shave in between the sessions as almost every laser device instructions say use the device every two or so weeks , so what to do during that time until we can use it again after two weeks.

    1. Yes you can shave in between sessions. But make sure you don’t wax or epilate the hair as the treatments won’t be as effective.

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