Best Razor For Women – Our Buyer’s Guide For The Closest Shave

Best razor for women
When you shave regularly, finding a good razor is crucial to getting a close and comfortable shave that lasts. If you’re dealing with thick or coarse body hair, finding the best razor for women can help to make shaving a breeze!

How to choose the best razor for women

When you’re looking for the best razor for women, there are a few features you should consider.

  • The number of blades
  • Contouring blades and pivoting razor head
  • Handle length
  • Moisturizing serum/soap bars

More blades can catch more hairs in one pass, but can also cause more irritation. Contouring, pivoting blades follow the curves of your skin for a close shave. Moisturizing serums can help the blades glide over your skin without a shaving cream or cleanser, and soothe the skin for hours after shaving.

Gillette Venus Swirl

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The Swirl razor from Gillette Venus is a refillable cartridge razor with five flexible blades. These ultra-thin and fine blades adjust to fit closely against the contours of your skin. A “FLEXIBALL” swivel mechanism below the cartridge head also helps the razor stay flush against your skin so it can get every hair in one go!

Each cartridge features a ring of water-activated MoistureGlide serum to help produce a smooth, gliding shave. Getting every hair in one pass with a razor that fits well against your skin also helps avoid irritation caused by multiple passes!

The Venus Swirl’s contouring blade design make this a great razor for use on the curved areas of the body. The contouring fit and MicroFine comb on the razor help to catch all fine hairs. This razor has a greater number of blades than the Venus Original for a more effective shave session.

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Schick Hydro Silk Razor

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The Schick Hydro Silk razor features five flexible blades that follow the curves and contours of your skin for a close, even shave. Each blade cartridge has a touch of Hydra-Boost Serum with Shea butter that can moisturize your skin for up to two hours after shaving. This helps your skin stay hydrated and recover from the shaving process.

This razor is a great choice for those with sensitive skin.  Each blade is fitted with specialised skin guards which help the razor to glide comfortably across the skin. With one smooth pass, you can catch more hair as well as avoid razor burn from irritation.

The water-activated serum has a lightweight feel when compared to some other cartridge razors. The Schick Hydro Silk can be used with your choice of shaving cream while leaving a touch of moisture behind.

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The Ultimate Shave

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The Ultimate Shave razor and moisturizing cartridges combine contoured blades with a “lubrication strip” to help the blades glide, not scrape, over your skin. The five contoured blades are coated with ceramic for a strong, longer-lasting edge. Ever heard of ceramic kitchen knives? They’re known for being sharp and strong—so that’s great technology to have on your razor!

Another good feature is the soap bar strip around the edge of the razor. The soap contains aloe and vitamin E to hydrate your skin and give a smooth shave. A lightweight cartridge soap can help decrease irritation if you’re shaving without other soaps or creams as a barrier.

For a close shave that catches every hair and leaves your skin feeling smooth, the razors from Ultimate Shave work very well. Plus, if you like to shave in the shower, you can store extra cartridges in their water-resistant holders for an instant switch-out as needed.

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Gillette Venus Snap Embrace

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If you’re looking for a portable razor to take on the go, the Venus Snap Embrace is the perfect shaving companion for travel. It has a short mini handle for portability that also works well for up-close detail work. Prefer leaning in close to the mirror to get every hair? This mini handle won’t get in the way!

Each cartridge has five Curve-Hugging blades with a Ribbon of Moisture water-activated serum soap. When you need to pack light, you can leave out the shaving cream or cleanser you usually need to help your razor glide across your skin. The Venus Snap Embrace also comes with a compact for carrying the razor before and after use.

If you need a razor that fits easily in your purse, gym bag, or suitcase, the Gillette Venus Snap Embrace is a great option!

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Gillette Venus Disposable Razor

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The Gillette Venus Disposable razor has three blades with a cushioned MoistureRich Strip to help the razor glide over your skin. Designed for sensitive skin, the strips help prevent irritation. Some people find that their skin is less irritated when they use razors with fewer blades, so the three-blade design of the Gillette Venus Disposable may work well for you if razors with five or more blades give you razor burn.

These simple disposable blades can be easy to take with you for travel. The three blades give you a thorough shave without irritation. The razor head pivots to help keep the blades in contact with your skin for a close shave.

If you prefer the more padded and solid handles of cartridge razors, you may not like the slimmer, more basic handle of these disposable razors.

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