My Best Tips for Epilating the Bikini Area

Epilating Bikini Area

Figuring out the best way to groom the bikini area is not always a fun process. If you’ve decided you want to try epilating, you’ve made a great choice! Although it can be painful when you’re new to it, epilating is a very effective hair removal method that can lead to the unwanted hair growing back more thinly or not at all! Epilators can grab very short hairs that waxing methods can’t, so you don’t have to wait for the hairs to grow out before you can remove them. Keep reading for our full guide on how to epilate the bikini area.

An epilator uses the speed of waxing and the plucking power of tweezing to electrically tweeze the hair out of an area. Epilators grab and pull hair out from the root, leaving the area smoother for longer. Most say that the experience is painful, but it all depends on the model you use, your pain tolerance, and how often you use it. Most find that they get used to the pain after the first few times and just find it to be an obnoxious feeling.

Is it safe to use an epilator on your pubic hair?

It is completely safe to use an epilator on the pubic hair, but it will not be pain-free. Using an epilator means essentially ripping out the hair, so there will always be a certain level of pain. Obviously, in the pubic area sensitivity to pain will increase, so using an epilator in that area is presumably going to hurt more than other areas. It is smart to start off on a small patch of skin to test your own pain tolerance before going ahead and doing the whole area.

Most women’s epilators come with attachment heads that pivot or come with functions meant for sensitivity, making them the ideal epilators for the bikini area. Some attachments are meant to massage skin; to cater to sensitivity. Some other attachments are meant to be gentler on the area.

If you’ve recently shaved or waxed the entire pubic area, you could ideally use the epilator to keep up with the hair removal. Be sure to use a smaller epilator or one that comes with attachments, as the attachments can pivot around the small, sensitive area better.

Can you use an epilator for a full Brazilian?

While it can be done, it is advised to stay away from doing full Brazilians with an epilator. The epilator is best used when the hairs are already short. Pubic hairs in the area tend to be so dense; using the epilator on the entire area should only be done to maintain a Brazilian wax.

Those with thicker, coarser pubic hair will experience more pain, which is why it is always recommended to shorten the area before attempting to use the epilator. While it is safe to use the epilator on the pubic area, there are things to consider before doing so to reduce pain and increase effectiveness. Below is a list of tips for using the epilator on the bikini line and pubic area.

It is important to test out an area pubic region before going ahead. If you have any issues using the epilator down there or it is too painful, do not proceed. If an epilator is not used properly, you could cause yourself pain, skin blotchiness or discoloration, and ingrown hairs. The epilator will more than likely do better on a simple bikini line than the entire area, like a Brazilian.

How to epilate bikini area

Epilator tips for the bikini line:

  • Keep the skin taut: This will help make the pain less intense and help remove hairs from the root.
  • Start by doing smaller sections: Using smaller sections of skin will reduce pain and removing hair is much easier.
  • Keep the hair short: Waxing or shaving beforehand will make hairs shorter and it will be less painful to use the epilator.
  • Buy an epilator that comes with a sensitive area¬†attachment¬†and a pivoting head:
  • Shower: If you get a wet and dry epilator, it can be used in the shower. Warm water can open up pores, making pulling them out with the epilator easier.

Epilator tips for a Brazilian:

  • Sit in front of a mirror and use a pillow to lift yourself up: This allows you to have a great angle into the area and an easier way to view what you’re doing.
  • Keep the hair short: Waxing or shaving beforehand will make hairs shorter and it will be less painful to use the epilator.
  • Buy an epilator with a pivoting head: The pivoting head on various epilators is small and can maneuver easily around small areas without causing a lot of pain.
  • Keep the skin taut: This will help make the pain less intense and help remove hairs from the root.
  • Do small areas: Do very small areas at a time because the area is ultra-sensitive. Doing too large of areas will cause unnecessary pain.

Best Epilator For The Bikini Area

We’ve researched and reviewed some of the best epilators for the bikini area to help speed up your search for the perfect hair removal method!


Braun Silk-epil 7 7-561 Wet & Dry Epilator

Braun Silk-epil 7 7-561 Wet and Dry Epilator

This epilator from Braun is a top-of-the-line choice for your bikini area grooming needs! First off, you can use it wet or dry depending on your preference. Included with the epilator are a shaver head, trimmer head, detail cap, and cleaning brush, plus a bonus precision bikini trimmer. Use the bikini trimmer device to prep the area before epilating! Or, if you’re in a hurry, use it for a quick touch-up before you rush out the door. The included shaving and trimming options make this a great travel epilator.

Another must-have feature for a bikini epilator: the pivoting head. This ensures that the tweezers stay close to your skin, so you only have to hit each area once. An LED light can help you pluck those annoying hairs that start out fine but grow in dark. You’ll have all of the tools you need to remove unwanted hair, even if it’s barely visible! Beginners may like this epilator because of the built-in massaging rollers, which can help distract you from the discomfort associated with epilating.

Panasonic ES-ED90-P Wet/Dry Epilator

Panasonic ES-ED90-P Wetand Dry Epilator

The Panasonic ES-ED90-P is one of the best epilators for the bikini area and full-body grooming. This is partly due to the included head attachments: a shaver head, pedicure buffer, gentle epilation cap, detailing cap, bikini comb, and dual-disc epilator head. The dual-disc epilator head is ideal for covering large areas and removing the most hair in one pass, but the gentle epilation cap reduces this to make the experience more comfortable for people new to epilating. You can use the built-in pop-up trimmer to trim your hair to a uniform length before epilating and use the shaver if you don’t have time to epilate!

This cordless epilator is waterproof for wet or dry use–using it in the shower or bath can be more comfortable for first-time users. A built-in LED light illuminates every last hair for a clean finish, and the dual speed design lets you cover large areas quickly or focus on the details. The pivoting head design is ideal for the bikini area since it can more closely follow the contours of your skin to catch the most hairs in one pass. We love this multi-function epilator for beginners and advanced users!

Philips Satinelle Advanced Wet & Dry cordless 6-Piece Epilator Kit

Philips Satinelle Advanced Wet and dry epilator 6 cordless

The Philips Satinelle Epilator is a cordless wet/dry epilator wrapped in an anti-slip grip surface. The tweezer discs are made from hypoallergenic ceramic, a material famous for its sharp, long-lasting edge. Besides head caps made for targeting the face and bikini area, this epilator also has a massage cap that can help reduce the painful sensation of epilating. A shaving head and shaving head comb are also included for quick shaves or prepping for an epilating session.

This epilator has a wider head than previous Philips epilators, so if you leave off the detailing caps you can cover a lot of area in less time! Find every last hair with the LED light. Use the two-speed settings to adjust your approach based on the hair thickness. It has a full handle that’s easier to grip than more compact epilator designs, which is ideal for those hard-to-reach areas!

Emjoi eRase e60 Epilator

Emjoi eRase e60 Epilator

The Emjoi eRase e60 is a compact epilator with some solid features for keeping epilating sessions short and relatively comfortable. First, dual opposed heads help stretch the skin, which can be difficult when you’re dealing with the bikini area. You can move the epilator side to side or in circular motions to remove hair from an area thanks to Eraser Glide technology. A sensitive attachment limits how many tweezers can make contact with your skin to make the process less painful. You can also use the shaver/trimmer attachment to groom or prep an area for epilating!

Although this epilator has dual speed control like several of the others on our list, it’s different in a few ways. It uses a corded design, so you don’t have to wait for batteries to charge before using it. However, it’s also not waterproof, so you can only use it dry rather than in the shower or tub. If a wet/dry epilator is a must for you, you may want to take a look at our other reviews!

Philips Satin Intimate HP6565/30

Cordless Epilator Wet & Dry Philips Satin Intimate HP6565/30

If you want an epilator that’s just for the bikini area with no extra attachments that will just end up collecting dust in a drawer somewhere, the Philips Satin Intimate is the epilator of your dreams. Its long, slender shape and cordless design make it easy to hold onto and use at the right angle. Take it into the shower or bath for extra comfort, or use it dry if you’re the daring type! The narrower epilator head is perfect for detailing areas like the face as well as the bikini area.

This is the epilator for you if you want to keep it simple and focus on neatening up that bikini line! It’s versatile and easy to take traveling without juggling extra pieces. It can also be used for shaving and trimming!

Show off your bikini bottoms!

Epilating isn’t for everybody, but it’s definitely effective. Take an over-the-counter NSAID like Ibuprofen an hour or so before epilating if you’re a beginner, and remember that the more you do it, the less it will hurt! For many women, the results are completely worth it.

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