How To Epilate Armpits – Our Best Tips For Epilating Your Underarms

Tips for epilating underarms

Yes, you can epilate your underarms! And our tips will help you get through the process quickly and easily, so you can lift up your arms without a care in the world!

Underarm hair is about as annoying as leg hair and harder to take care of on top of that! Epilating is one way to get rid of underarm hair for a longer length of time than shaving while also encouraging the hair to grow back more sparsely.

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Benefits of Epilating Your Underarms

How to use an epilator on your underarms

More long-lasting than shaving – Shaving cuts off the hair at the surface of the skin, while epilating plucks individual hairs out at the root. It can take twice as long for hair to regrow, or longer!

Faster than tweezing by hand – Epilators are basically clusters of mechanical tweezers. Why use one tweezer when you could use ten or twenty at once?

Easier than waxing – Besides saving on the mess, epilators can remove shorter hairs than waxing can. For an effective waxing session, hair should usually be 1/4-1/2 inches long. Epilators can pluck baby hairs before they turn into monsters!

Less hair regrowth over time – Plucking hair out at the root can damage the hair follicle, so over time the hair grows back thinner and finer than before.


Relatively inexpensive – Compared to salon visits, an at-home epilation session is obviously cheaper. Epilators have up-front costs that can seem steep compared to a pack of razors–but give it a few months, and the epilator will pay for itself!

How to Use an Epilator on Your Underarms

Choose the right epilator
Since underarm skin tends to be more delicate and softer than the skin on your legs, it needs a more delicate touch. The first step is getting an epilator that works well for the underarms. Some epilators are made specifically for the underarm area with specially shaped heads and tweezer designs. Other epilators for the face and body have “detail” head caps for covering small areas and detailing, which also works well for the underarms. Check out our guide to the best epilators for underarms here.

Make sure the hair is short

Once you have a cordless or corded epilator on hand, prep by cleaning and exfoliating your underarms in the shower. Shorter hair hurts less when it’s tweezed, so trim the hair short or let it grow out for a few days after shaving.

Keep the skin taut
Dry your underarms if using a dry epilator and stretch the skin tight, then try lightly touching the epilator to your underarm at a 45-degree angle. Using short strokes at this angle can help you adjust to the “ouch!” of epilating. When you’re used to the sensation, you can use it at a 90-degree angle. Don’t push down on your skin, and be prepared to make multiple passes in different directions to get every hair.

Use a post-shave cream
Use a damp washcloth to wipe away plucked hairs, then let’s get some aftercare involved! Post-shave lotions or toners with calming ingredients like aloe vera are a great way to help your skin recover.

Tips for Epilating Underarms

Epilating underarm benefits

Have a mirror on hand

Get every hair in one session by checking different angles in a mirror!

Shower before epilating

Showering or a putting a hot wet washcloth on the area before epilating helps soften the skin and hair for an easier session.

Small, pivoting epilators are ideal

A pivoting head helps handle the curves and angles of the underarms.

It gets easier with time

For some people, epilating is super painful! It gets less intense the more you do it, so try to do multiple sessions before deciding to toss your epilator!

Aftercare, aftercare, aftercare!

Finding a good after-shave lotion or toner, moisturizing, and taking over-the-counter painkillers can help lower inflammation and speed up healing time.

How Often To Epilate Underarms

How Often To Epilate Underarms

How often you should epilate your underarms really depends on you! The hair regrows much slower than with shaving, so many people can just do quick touch-up sessions once a week or so. The hair will most likely grow back less thickly with regular epilation, so touch-ups will get faster, less painful, and easier! Try to wait until the inflammation from the previous session is 75-100% gone.

Epilate Your Hairs and Cares Away!

Many people report discomfort and pain when they first try epilating–this is normal! For most of these people, it gets better. If underarm hair is your worst nemesis, an epilator is one of the most effective ways to tackle it. With these tips on your side, you can handle it!

If you’re looking for a new epilator, check out our guide on the Best Epilators For Underarms here.

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