Tria Laser Hair Removal 4x Review

Tria Laser Hair Removal 4x Review

If you’ve been doing your research on home hair removal and are willing to make an investment, you might have come across some over-the-counter home laser hair removal devices. Believe it or not, they can actually work just like professional laser hair removal!

The Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X has earned the spotlight due to its approval from the FDA for permanent hair reduction – now THAT’S a guarantee! When you’re putting your money where your mouth is, you want a device that WORKS. That’s why we’ve put together this Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X review to help you learn more about this device and its features.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal uses a beam of highly concentrated light to destroy pigments in your hair follicles, which also destroys the hair without affecting the surrounding skin. It “targets” individual hairs via their dark pigment.


Tria Laser Hair Removal 4x

Who can benefit from laser hair removal?

If you have dark, coarse hairs and paler contrasting skin, you can use laser hair removal to reduce hair growth. Laser hair removal does not work well for fine, light hairs that “blend” with your skin, and it also doesn’t work for people with dark skin. The laser uses the contrast between your skin and the hair to find its target, so if there’s no contrast, the laser can’t do its job.

This procedure can help decrease the regrowth of dark, coarse hair or make the hair grow back in a lighter, thinner way.

The Results

Tria 4x Laser

When seeing a professional, most people see a permanent reduction in hair growth after 3-7 sessions, according to WebMD. Tria recommends using their home laser hair removal device once every two weeks for up to three months.

Tria recommends using their home laser hair removal device once every two weeks for up to three months.

In a Tria’s study using the Laser 4X, 87% of 79 users reported finer hair one month after treatment compared to before treatment, and 70% reported lighter hair. These users performed three treatments over six weeks. The hairs in the area treated were counted before treatment and at several time intervals after the last treatment.

One year after the last treatment, the average reduction in hair count was 33%. With continued treatments or longer treatment periods, this reduction could increase.


Product Features

Interactive LED display
The LED display helps to guide you through each treatment and keeps track of the number of pulses, so you know when you’ve fully covered the area you’re targeting.

Multiple treatment levels
Choose from five energy levels for your treatment. Beginners can start at a low level and build up as they gain confidence and see how their skin responds.

Safety lock and skin sensor
The Tria laser 4X locks when not in use. The laser feature unlocks when you turn the device on and hold the skin sensor against the area you want to treat.

Cordless design for ease of use
The laser charges up to a battery life of 30 minutes. This can be more than enough to treat multiple areas of the body. The instruction manual includes time estimates for different areas so you can prepare!

Tria Laser Features


Why choose the Tria Laser 4X?

The Tria Laser 4X is an FDA-cleared laser for home use—and the FDA doesn’t mess around! If you want a tried-and-tested home hair removal laser, the 4X has the certification and clinical study to back it up.

However, if these devices become more popular, you may see more FDA-cleared home laser hair removal devices on the market. For some people, it may be worth it to wait for lower prices as more options enter the market. However, lower-priced products at a similar level of quality aren’t a guarantee!

What does FDA approval really mean?

The TRIA over-the-counter laser hair removal system meets the FDA’s standards for being “substantially equivalent” in safety and effectiveness as “predicate devices.” Predicate devices are other legally marketed devices that the TRIA laser system was compared to. The devices listed on the FDA 510(k) access data sheet from TRIA’s application in 2009 were:

  • The SpectraGenics Spectra Hair Removal Laser System: another OTC hair removal device that references other hair removal devices as predicates, including the LightSheer laser below.
  • The LightSheer Diode Laser System: a non-OTC laser surgical instrument, LightSheer has been shown to be “effective for producing a long-term stable, permanent reduction of hair.” (Source.)
  • The Flash N’ Go from Home Skinovations Ltd: another laser surgical instrument that can be used for hair reduction.

You can find more information about what manufacturers can and can’t say about laser hair removal devices here, on the FDA website. Long story short, the TRIA laser has been certified to provide permanent reduction in hair growth with periodic treatments.

Any laser the FDA clears for body hair removal is also cleared for facial hair removal.

Pros & Cons

Is the Tria Laser 4X hair removal system right for you? Measure it up quickly with these pros and cons.

Tria Laser Review


  • The device is proven safe and effective for permanent hair reduction
  • Low discomfort compared to methods like waxing and epilating/tweezing
  • Can be cost-effective compared to professional laser hair removal treatments, which can cost about $300 per session
  • The procedure is simple and non-invasive


  • Limitations based on skin color and hair color – not everyone can use it
  • High up-front cost
  • Permanent hair removal is not guaranteed (unlike methods like electrolysis, which also works on all hair types and skin tones)

Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4x

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Home laser hair removal: the future is now?

That sums it up for our overview of the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X. In the end, it’s up to you to decide whether this product is right for you.

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